Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dinard, Brittany

It's rainy here in Dinard - a spiffy little coastal town with a beach right downtown.  Unfortunately, the sun from yesterday is nowhere to be seen.  We've celebrated (?) this fact with a sleep-in, Swedish pancakes, Husker Du (sorry, no umlauts) and (for Andrea) two trips to the open-air market.  She picked up an industrial-strength coffee for me so I'm happy.

Last night was our first one spent inside in over a week as we are just off of our bike tour of the central-north section of Brittany.  It was an awesome trip!  We rode 20-40 km days, with one day off of the bike walking around the Isle de Brehat.  Rose and Xyla took very well to the bikes and the camping.  We cooked all of our meals from our vast store of grains we took along and veggis that we picked up along the way.  All of our gear was provided by an English couple who run a company, Breton Bikes, that supports trips like ours.  We had two adult/child tandems and all of the camping stuff we needed.  I pulled a BOB/action packer trailer.  It was a load, but doable.  I will put photos up once we get a replacement battery for our camera, something that disappeared in transit from the charge-up spot to our campground.  Mysterious.  We looked and looked, but to no avail.

Brittany is beautiful and it was sort of a bummer to finish the ride.  We could have gone longer.  

Our apartment for the weekend was located through Air B&B.  It is a third-floor walk-up with everything we need.  The owners are off sailing and we are paying them for the opportunity to stay here.  Way better than a hotel room and at the same cost.  Sweet deal.

One more night here then we head toward Calais where we Chunnel it back to England on Monday.

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  1. Can't wait to see photos. Sounds like a great trip!